Our goal is to provide the highest level of defensive and tactical firearms training that is current, relative, and highly effective; training in a safe and friendly environment in order to increase your confidence with marksmanship skills and maintain the ability to defend yourself and the ones you love no matter where you are.  My teaching style is directed towards the civilian, non-military, every day men and women that are desirous of implementing a firearm as a part of the personal, family, or business protection plan.

With recent American movies profiling courageous military operators facing insurmountable odds and incredible challenges on foreign soil, there has been a growing trend in training civilians to military standards and tactics.  While I certainly agree that style of training has a definitive place within a very small market, most Americans are trying to safely navigate their way through the mall, church, and the line at the grocery store.  In my professional opinion, this type of training isn’t practical for the everyday American civilian.  My methodology and curriculum is based upon my vast experience as an American law enforcement officer and professional firearms instructor for over twenty years, as well the training I’ve received at some of the finest gun fighting academies in the nation.

Keep in mind that a firearm is just a tool and in the hands of a highly skilled and trained individual, the effectiveness of that tool simply cannot be overstated.  Excellent marksmanship is not an innate ability or a birthright, rather a result of hard work and strict adherence to each individual element of marksmanship.  Anyone, who commits to a proper training program, can and will become a confident and excellent shooter.

Throughout my instructing career, I’ve found that experience with firearms varies greatly and is largely dependent upon many factors including overall life experience, social/political beliefs and ideology, even down to geographic location of residence.  Some folks who grew up in large, crowded metropolitan cities within parts of our country unfriendly to the firearm may have little to no experience at all, while others from rural and/or pro firearm locales tend to have at least a basic understanding of how to load, unload, and discharge a firearm.  No matter the background or the experience level, I am often approached when a client wants to get rid of a bad habit or reach an expert level of marksmanship and confidence with a firearm like never before achieved.

I enjoy using the game of golf to illustrate and make analogies for shooting and firearms handling.  I can technically swing a golf club but by no means do I consider myself a golfer.  My dad always told me to take a lesson but I was always too impatient and although I respect the game, I never had a true passion for it.  Consequently, when the blue moon shines and I get an invite to play, I get more exercise chasing my ball on other fairways than anything else and it’s embarrassing to say the least.  I’m sure there is an element or many elements of my swing that are completely wrong.   Well, the same goes for firearms training.  Just because someone shoots regularly and reinforces bad habits doesn’t make them an accomplished shooter.  Conversely, one who has never fired a single round can easily become a highly skilled shooter in no time just by learning and habitually implementing the various elements or, the “swing” of marksmanship.

I have literally spent thousands of hours of my life, standing on a square range, watching and training thousands of men and women engaged in the practice of firearms training; from single moms that have never used a firearm before to the seasoned and highly trained S.W.A.T. officer who’s developed a bad habit, I have seen it all when it comes time to training. In order to be an effective firearms instructor, one must possess the highest ability to both teach and shoot.  An individual who is a gifted educator but a mediocre shooter will never earn the respect of the student. Conversely, a professional shooter who can’t present the material and truly reach their students will only frustrate and make cause for resentment.  I have always had a natural ability to connect to my students and present material in an organized and easily understood fashion; as well as an expert level of marksmanship to further demonstrate what it takes to achieve the highest levels of proficiency.

Unless acting as an independent contractor for a larger training group, I generally prefer to train on an individual and small group basis in order to give highly personalized attention.  If you aren’t being watched closely by your instructor, he or she can’t diagnose the missing element and fix the problem.  You will therefore develop bad habits and walk away thinking that you just need more practice; obtain a completion certificate anyway, being none the wiser about the underlying issue(s).

If you or your loved ones are seeking the finest firearms training around and are of high moral character with no felony convictions, please call or email today with questions regarding your individual training needs.

At the Smoke Wagon Express, we want you to receive the absolute best firearms training possible; training that is current, relative, and highly effective.   No matter whom you choose for your defensive training needs, please remember to thoroughly interview and make inquiries as to the qualifications of your training staff prior to spending your hard-earned money on an instructor who isn’t qualified to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.  YouTube should never be a listed training institution on an instructor resume!

Please keep in mind that due to security and safety reasons, Smoke Wagon Express LLC has the right to deny and/or cease training at any time.  If training has commenced and the instructor deems it necessary to remove a student from an evolution for any reason, and the student, in the sole discretion of the instructor, cannot be rehabilitated, training will be terminated immediately and further training refused.  Any person who has his or her training terminated by an instructor will forfeit all class fees, and costs incurred for equipment and/or ammunition will not be refunded.  Class fees, equipment, and/or ammunition purchases are non-refundable.  For purposes of material preparation and range reservations, students are required to enroll a minimum of one month prior to any scheduled class.